Meda’s story: “You shouldn’t let your fear defeat you or your emotions control you. Your desire to do it needs to be bigger than the fear.”

Meet Meda, she has been traveling around the World since she was 14 years old. And this year, she visited 13 new countries. Since she travel on her own money, she had to learn how to travel cheaply.


Tell us your story.

When I was 14, I planned my first trip. It was a short trip to Paris with my mom. I was responsible for the whole trip. From finding cheap tickets and apartments to activities and attractions. Everything turned out great. I came back from Paris not only having fallen in love with French boys but with travelling. Then I started to read all the blogs and watch all the videos about travelling. I wanted to travel even more. That’s why when I was 15, I left Lithuania and flew to the Netherlands, Rotterdam. I started working there as a food delivery girl with my bike. It was a crazy experience and a big challenge for me since I was so young and didn’t even know how to speak English properly at that moment. Thank god I was really stubborn cause my biggest wish was to have my own money so I could travel the World. And I succeeded! I earned some money, and I started to travelling more and more. And after a few years, I haven’t stopped doing it. Right now, I’m 18 years old, and last year (2022), I visited 13 new countries while still in school and with my own money!

What was your life looked like before? Why did you decide to change it?

Before I started travelling, I was a pretty good swimmer, but at some point, I understood that it was enough for me, and I want something else. My life was only swimming practices and gym. I realized that I didn’t see myself in the swimming pool in the future, then I started to look for new hobbies and activities.

What were the biggest lessons you learned on the trip? What did you understand about yourself?

That human being is capable of doing anything; you just need to believe in yourself that you can do it. It’s that easy; just control your mind.

Do you feel your life has turned out different than you previously thought? Maybe you found yourself different from when you always thought?

Nothing. I wouldn’t change anything because I believe that even from all the bad things that happened, I learned something, and because of them, right now, I am just like this. I am like this just because of all the experiences I had. So I wouldn’t change any of them.

If you could go back to the beginning, what would you do differently?

I would say go! Just do it! There will never be the right time to start. When you are young, people say you can’t travel because you are too young; when you are an adult, you can’t travel because of work; and when you are old, you don’t have enough energy. These are just excuses people like to tell. In reality, if you want to do it, you just go and find a way. I met many people when I traveled from a really young age to a really old age. It’s never too late to start.

If someone is secretly dreaming about the lifestyle you are living now, what would you tell them?

It is, but you shouldn’t let your fear defeat you or your emotions control you. Your desire to do it needs to be bigger than the fear.

Living the way you live. What was the hardest thing in this whole experience?

Going back home is always the hardest part. Going back to routine. I hate it; it’s too monotonous for me. I love living in adventure. Of course, it’s always hard to come back home because of school. When I come back, I need to study harder and more because I miss lessons in school. And it’s really hard to do it since your mind is still travelling or planning new trips.

What would you suggest for people dreaming about this lifestyle?

When you travel a lot, sometimes it gets lonely, you miss home, your family, and friends. So you need to prepare for this – for the loneliness and all the bad feelings and emotions because it’s gonna be days when you don’t want anything. Think about it, if being alone doesn’t scare you, then you are ready.

What are the first steps in preparation?

Buy plane tickets anywhere and go. Don’t overthink.

What are your next steps? Is there any adventure you are planning?

I have a trip to Africa next month, but in general, I don’t plan a lot, I just go with the flow, and I watch what life has to offer to me. I have a few things and a few countries in mind for my gap year, but I will let life to surprise me.


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