The irony is that our story creating this brand happened during a pandemic, while all of us stayed home in a lockdown. You could not travel or meet new friends because everything just stopped. Destiny still found the way to bring two travelers together!

Beata who is a seasoned fashion designer, and Dovile, enthusiastic marketing geek, joined their forces and passion into the „Menuo“. „Menuo“ is about experiences, happiness, and adventures, finding the magic in everyday moments. We believe in spirituality and self-search, living your best life today!

Our kimonos “smells” like an adventure and best memories from your amazing vacation. They bring the excitement of the sandy beaches, tiny market shops full of spices, fruit, and traditional silks. We are sending a piece of island life to you even if you cannot be here with us! Just be a goddess in your own home!

It is important to us that we know how our products are made and who is making them. We strive to always choose handmade over mass-produced and resist cutting corners at all costs. Surprisingly “Menuo” is an international baby where European elegance and freakish quality meet authentic and traditional Balinese craftsmanship.

We are not trying to re-create authentic patterns; we actually treasure-hunted for these fabrics in exotic market shops just like you would do yourself during your visit to this Bali Island!