Karolina’s story: new lifestyle lead me to deep questions about the Universe and what is my role here to play

Meet Karolina! After 5 years living in London, enjoying cosmopolitan city life, she felted this life is not for her anymore. She accidentally ended up in the small Spanish village with no English speaking people! Only then she finally had a chance to find out what real peace means. This is her story.  

Tell us your story? What your life looked like before? Why did you decide to change it?  

For 5 years I lived in London. I went there to study fashion design and after graduation I stayed for work in fashion stores and boutiques.  I just loved the cosmopolitan city life, socializing with different people, visiting galleries, window shopping, attending cultural events, dancing at night clubs and I was going towards establishing my own crafts business. But at the same time life felt very tiring: twice a year due to the circumstances I would move to a different location to a different rented house or apartment. Long distance traveling to work, rising prices for rent and transport and at the same time I strongly started feeling the desire for more material stuff, the growing consumerism within me . Life really felt like a vicious cycle work-spent -work – spend and so on. Eventually after some dramatic events in my personal life, I made a decision to move permanently to Spain hoping for more free time, better food, sunny days and in general better quality of life. The plan was to move to Barcelona but by mistake I ended up moving to a small Spanish coast town almost like a village.

The biggest lessons you learned on the trip. What did you understand about yourself? Maybe you found yourself different when you always thought?

The first tremendous change happened when I moved from London to Spanish coastal town. From concrete jungle to a total nature, from city buzz  to a total peace. Basically, that town was pretty small enough that there were no people of my age and the main spoken language was Catalan, barely any Spanish and no English at all. I spent most of the time by myself or with my previous partner, only two of us exploring the beaches, going on hikes and trying out other nature activities. In such isolated conditions I finally had a chance to find out what real peace means and for the first time I could hear my inner voice. I re-connected with nature, completely changed my lifestyle gave up old habits like shopping, drinking alcohol, eating meat and developed new habits that are more conscious, more environmentally sustainable and more healthy. The new life style lead me to  further explorations and deep questions about the Universe and what is my role here to play. I discovered amazing tools like Amazonian plant medicine and Eastern system of spirituality such as yoga. Interest in yoga led me to India where I stayed for more than a year studying and exploring spirituality. I also found my life partner/husband and best yoga buddy there.

If someone is secretly dreaming about the lifestyle you are living now, what would you advise them?

Very important to find at least one ritual, practice or a gesture that you will do daily no matter where you are and what are the circumstances, you are committed to do it.  This one thing will bring a sense of stability and feeling of trust in yourself.  In my case, I never miss my morning journaling and some basic yogic practices. This keeps me centered and grounded in the ever changing scenarios of life.

Is it scary to go on the adventure of a lifetime? What was happening in your head?

Paradox but the unknown was always very scary for me, at the same time It excites me. Sometimes my body reacts to the unknown in a way that I feel drained and heavy and at times it is a completely opposite reaction, my whole body feels full of power. So it all depends on what scenario I will draw in my head and in the end the experiences I get in reality are never close to what I have imagined. 

Each time I’m having doubts whether I have made a right decision, whether I will have a good time, whether it is safe and many of these fears are on the back of my head. But I’ve learned not to be affected by my fears.


What are the most amazing things about living the way you live?

Everyday is a surprise, plenty of excitement. The constant feeling of curiosity, I never feel bored.

What was the hardest thing in this whole experience?

I thought of this question a lot and I can’t find an answer to it. Nothing is hard really, it may only seam hard in the mind. 

What do you suggest to people dreaming about this lifestyle? What are the first steps in preparation?

  • Have some savings or even income, but no need for tons of money for starters.
  • Keep strengthening your immune system, it is important to stay strong and healthy in the unknown environment.
  • If you are going on an adventure completely alone, then do some basic research on your planned locations, but don’t get into too much detail ,leave some space for the unknown.
  • Pick up some basic local language, it will open a lot of doors for you
  • Keep the positive thinking, trust in the Universe that you are being Guided.

 What are your next steps? Is there any adventure you are planning?

Right now I’m back to my homeland Lithuania and I have enrolled into a  course which will take 6 months so I’m settled for at least half a year now. To be honest I’ve missed snow and Lithuanian winter experience. Meanwhile me and my husband are working on a van life project which will be the next adventure after my studies. Euro trip across all spiritual and yoga festivals with our yoga van. But optimally this van project might happen in Taiwan too, as my husband is in Taiwan right now so we might decide to travel there.

You can follow Karolina’s adventures on her amazing insta : @karolinafomi