Ieva‘s and Evelina‘s story: “Life’s a mix wherever you go, with ups and downs.”

Meet Ieva and Evelina. Lithuanians living in Italy and Portugal. Although separated by distance, their friendship is a testament to the power of true connection—proof that miles can’t weaken deep bonds.

Tell us your story.

Their friendship blossomed during university, and over a decade later, it remains steadfast despite being countries apart. This bond thrives on patience, communication, and an unwavering commitment to remain connected.

What did your life look like before? Why did you decide to change it?

In our younger days, curiosity fueled us. To us, going abroad was less of a life-altering decision and more an exhilarating new chapter.

If you could go back to the beginning, what would you do differently?

I’m not one to dwell on the past or ponder ‘what ifs.’ Youth affords us time to shape our future—that’s where my focus is.

If someone is secretly dreaming about the lifestyle you live now, what advice would you give?

The saying goes that the grass is always greener on the other side. Although I sometimes daydream about different lifestyles, what’s essential is understanding one’s desires. Embracing change has its perks, but it’s crucial to weigh the pros and cons. Life abroad can be fulfilling, yet staying connected to one’s roots is a challenge. . Take remote work and travel, for instance—it was a dream come true (thanks to COVID’s silver lining). The freedom to work from anywhere sounded amazing, but now, after over a month away, I’m back in Portugal feeling drained. It’s definitely worth the experience, but like any adventure, there are downsides. So, consider all angles, brace for anything, and if you’re still excited, go for it! It’s better to try and be disappointed than to wonder eternally.

Is it scary to go on the adventure of a lifetime?

The audacity of youth has its advantages. In retrospect, I may have made different choices, but back then, each step seemed less monumental.

What are the most amazing things about living here?

There’s no utopia. Everywhere has its peaks and valleys. It’s the people that truly define a place, creating the culture and atmosphere.

Living the way you live. What was the hardest thing in this whole experience?

Beyond missing family and friends, truly belonging is an ongoing challenge. Retaining my Lithuanian identity while adapting to a new environment is a balancing act. Over time, however, I’ve come to appreciate this duality.

What would you suggest for people dreaming about this lifestyle?

Life’s journey doesn’t always follow a strict path. Take small steps, embrace the process, and stay open to unexpected twists.

What are the first steps in preparation?

Before taking the leap, know yourself—your desires and dealbreakers. Most learning happens in the thick of things, so why wait?

What are your next steps? Is there any adventure you are planning?

Our pattern tends to be: plan a break, save some money, then get inspired and travel! Our next jaunt is set for January. The destination? Well, that’s a secret—for now!




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