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Erika ir Šarūnas’s story: those seven years abroad have brought a lot of new experiences, new chapters, and new people into our lives. I think it helped us understand us better.

Meet Erika ir Šarūnas.
They started their US journey in Chicago, then Denver, and now they are settled in NYC! I have visited a good number of states, cities, national parks and still love to get out and travel every few months. Speaking of, their temporary winter getaway is the Mexico beach, where they have been spending the past few months.

Rūta’s story: I accepted that life brings us joy and tough times just to make us stronger and teach us a valuable lesson.

Meet Rūta. She always loved traveling and exploring new places. But the feeling that something was missing did not let her rest. After going through a long list of excuses, she decided to take that risk and break from her career and figure out what she wanted from her future.
And now Her friend describes her as „living on a suitcase“ or „do you even work at all? Want to know why? Read her story.

Simonos istorija: Žolė žalesnė ne kitoje pusėje, o ten  kur ją laistai. Linkiu ne saulės ieškoti, o priežasčių kodėl ji nešviečia savo viduje.

Susipažinkite, Simona, palikusi komfortišką, stabilų rutininį gyvenimą, darbus ir šaltą orą Lietuvoje, striukes ir kombinezonus Oslo oro uoste, Simona išsikraustė į Tailandą. Ir nuo šiol kolekcionuoja įspūdžius o ne daiktus!

Rosita‘s story: my life is an adventure!

Meet Rosita, a photographer, traveler and a dreamer.
She was born in Lithuania, studied in Scotland, currently living in Bali.
Living in Bali Rosita learnt that slow – is better. She is still learning to enjoy things without rushing them. Another thing that Bali taught her is – gratitude. Being grateful for everything. For sun, for thunder. For rain. It‘s all part of it.

Jūratė‘s story: my life is one big adventure, let’s see what new winds will bring!

Meet Jūrate, before she started traveling, she lived a family life with her ex-husband. She felt that things were not quite as she would have liked. While she was still in a relationship she went on her first solo trip to Guatemala. And it was one of the best gifts she could have! Later was Rome, India, Mexico, Australia and many others countries. She learned to maneuver in difficult situations, not to be afraid to lose, and to pursue her goals fiercely.